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Cranking Away

Yup, i'm at work right now. Taking my afternoon break, getting a chance to wind down a bit. Aside from the annoying surprises, the hardest part of the week is now done. Monday morning, WORST RUN OF THE WEEK. Tons and tons of mail, blah. But each day less mail comes in, and each mail run of the day (We have three) is a lighter load. The afternoon and evening runs are pretty simple, very light and quick. None the less, can't wait to get off work.

Partially because I want to get out of here and wind down, relax a bit.

Partially because I have a date tonight. ;-)

We'll see how it goes. Our little chats online aren't stunning or anything, but our last date was just great. Felt so natural, considering I haven't seen her in two years or so. Just.. met up for a movie. Simply a smashing evening. But then our next two plans kinda fell apart, so we'll see how it goes. I'm trying not to talk myself out of this, because i'll be pissed at myself for doing that so much.

Lalalala. Can't wait for work to end.

Went and saw Serenity. Holy. Hell. Good, good movie. Pissed about a certain part, but it worked well I suppose - actually made me sniffle and feel crappy, appropiate for a death scene. If you saw, liked or even heard of the Firefly series, go see this movie. Awesome.

Wash: This could get interesting.
Mel: Define interesting.
Wash: 'Oh god, Oh god, we're all going to die?'

That's all I have for now, I have to get back to work in a bit. More later!
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