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Brain Dump (15 Minute Work Break)

My laptop is so awesome. I've rigged it up with a full-fledged DVD Studio, so I can make my own movies that I can play in my PS2 or the DVD Player upstairs on the main TV. So sexy. 15 minutes to burn a full DVD iso to disc and i'm ready to rock. I can just dump AVI's and such onto the program - takes almost an hour to make the damnedable ISO though. But I just let it run over night, so it's all ready to roll the next morning. Made a Comedy Central Presents DVD with.. I think eight artists on it. It's pretty cool. Low quality, had to lower it a bit to fit them all on there (EXTENDED PLAY MODE!) but the video was crap to begin with, so I doubt I hurt it much. It's all about the audio anyway. Live and learn though.

So yeah. No idea what's going on with Heather, notta clue. It's awesome to be around her, but I don't understand her at all or know much of anything about her life. All I know is we don't talk much outside of the dates, and I actually feel like she is ignoring me at times, but that's probably just my paranoia. Nothing new. Anyway, i'm going to try to stay pretty relaxed right now - Neither of us need any more drama right now, and it won't kill me to stay calm about this. If it ends up just falling apart hardly before starting, I might be a bit upset. But until then, we'll see. Enough about that for now.

So I found out that I can make 'Smart playlists' that automatically update when I plug my iPod in. I now have my 'Top 25 Most Played Songs' on the pod, and the 'Five Star Songs' which is a selection of the songs I rated at 5 of 5. There's also an 'Unrated Songs' playlist so I get off my ass to sort them. 'Top 25 Newest' is just the songs i've added lately, which is also good for sorting and such. And just seeing what's new on the pod, really. I'm almost up to 7 gigs, so these playlists are going to be pretty handy. :-P

Break is over, gotta run. Later, all!
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