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Brain evacuation - Everyone out of the boat!

Okay, so I have to start writing this shit down because some of it's funny and I might actually.. use it for something. I have no idea what though.

Scene from a movie. (Humorous thief movie probably)

Setting: A character is making contact with two 'business partners'. The two parties have never met before. All three characters are in street clothes, trying to look inconspicious. Lead character is wearing a black hoodie, dark sunglasses and a pair of headphones.

Scene: Main character approachs the two slightly less disguised 'business partners'. They exchange some words, and suddenly a cop drives down the street. One of the business partners - who is clearly the idiot sidekick - starts to freak out.

Idiot Sidekick: 'It's a trap, man. It's the cops!'
Leader: *Looking suspicious* 'It's just a patrol. Right, bud?' *Looks at the main character*
Main Character nods.
Idiot Sidekick: *Still freaking* No way, I don't trust this guy.
The Idiot Sidekick lunges out and grabs the main character. Pulls his shirt up and sees a cord.
Idiot Sidekick: 'Christ, he's wearing a goddamn wire!' *Sidekick starts to reach for a gun*
Leader bitchslaps the Sidekick.
Leader: 'It's his headphones, you dumbass.'

That's all I got at the minute. I'll probably through more of this shit up here later. As I get bored enough.
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