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The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.

You just can't help but laugh when your hanging around downtown portland. You will find the FUNNIEST looking people, I swear to god. It's such an ego booster too.

I saw a guy today who looked like Gengis Khan. Or... what Gengis Khan WOULD have looked like if he shaved his head and owned a pit bull. Otherwise, to a T. Long, black Gengis Khan beard. Gengis Khan face structure. And even the ugly little fuzzy hat. It was creepy and so, so goddamned funny.

I may have slightly odd standards though.

Anyway, i'm just on break at lunch and i'll have to get back soon, so I won't write too much more. I would like to note how fucking tired I am right now though. I was already tired when I woke up - kept setting my alarm forward as much as possible until I had no choice but to get up. Then I took a double dose of Benadryl because my allergies were so bad - BAD, BAD STUPID BAD idea. Christ. Two of those fuckers will shut your ass DOWN. Two things happens:
A) It sucks every drop of mositure out of your body. EVERY. Permanent cotton mouth,
no matter how much you drink.
B) It puts your ass DOWN. Sleepy down. "I'm falling asleep while standing up." fucking asleep.
NyQuil asleep. You get the drift.

So right now, i'm finally starting to recover. Twelve bottles of water and two Dr. Peppers later, i'm finally shaking this drowsy thing enough to... maybe make it through the day. I'm certaily not expecting any miracles.

Anyway, catch you all later.

~ Tapper
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