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Sarcasm is just one more service I offer.

Brian Thomas Haase
12 January
Natural born American Male, and about as mentally stable as a faultline. Born in Portland, Oregon and lived there until the age of 10 or so. Moved to Gresham, Oregon and changed my lifestyle. More information pending as my life continues its meaningless journey.
100x100, anime, artistic, artistic icons, artwork, avatars, bad girls, c, c++, caffeine, code, coders, coding, communities, computer games, computers, contests, creating, creative icons, creativity, crime, dark, design, designers, developer, developing, direct x, direct3d, directx, editing source code, erotic art, erotic icons, evil, evil icons, fantasy art, fantasy icons, file transfers, film, films, flash, fps, free icons, free stuff, ftp, game design, game developers, game development, game engines, game music, game programming, game publishers, games, gaming, gifs, girls, gothic icons, graphic design, graphics, gui, hacking, hardware, html, icon communities, icon creation, icon graphics, icon makers, icon making, icons, icons requests, internet, journal icons, journals, linux, live journal, livejournal, livejournal icons, livejournal userpics, lj, lj icons, making icons, mmorpg, mmorpgs, movie icons, movies, mp3s, multiplayer game, music, music icons, mysql, networking, open source, opengl, pc games, perl, php, pin up art, piracy, platform games, programmers, programming, programming contests, programming langauges, qbasic, reading, requests, retro icons, role playing, sandman comics, science fiction, sex, sharing icons, shooters, software, source code, star wars, strategy games, techno music, the matrix, tips, unique icons, unix, unusual icons, user icons, vampires, vb, video game programming, video games, villians, visual basic, visual c++, visual studio, vixens, warez, web comics, web development, web surfing, win 98, windows, women